Our Candidate: Gary Charles

Gary Charles candidate for Lac St. Louis

Gary Charles was born, raised and educated in Montreal. He is a 4th generation Canadian of Lebanese ancestry. Gary has been married for over 26 years and is the father of three children aged 24, 21 and 10. He has been an entrepreneur since his early 30s – having built, developed and sold several businesses in the past two decades. His latest venture is opening Montreal's first exclusively keto-friendly restaurant - Ketotteria.

From 2015 to 2018, Gary lived and operated a business in Atlanta, Georgia.  He sorely missed the beauty, social peace, and benefits of Canada that he decided to abandon his permanent residency status and move back to home.  These days he enjoys spending his weekends at a family cottage in the Outaouais. He spends some free time playing musical instruments, playing squash, bicycling and water skiing.

Many members of Montreal’s immigrant community have traditionally supported the federal Liberal Party. Gary was the first member of his extended family to break this trend - having voted for the Progressive Conservatives in 1984. His support for the PC party had never waned – even in the dark days of the 1990s. Unfortunately, the Conservative Party abandoned its small “c” conservative ideals once new leadership came on board. The current leader's unabashed support of the supply management system allowed to him to clinch the party leadership. This is exactly when Gary gave up his membership in the Conservative party and became one of the founding members of the People's Party of Canada.


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